After Dubai, ‘Makani’ app to map Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Dubai Municipality's mapping system may soon integrate every emirate, said officials at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition.

“We have had municipality offices from other emirates (especially Ajman and Abu Dhabi ask us to share our system,” said an official at the DM, adding, "Soon, Makani will integrate the entire UAE."

The official added that the Makani system is 40 per cent done, mainly in the building labelling process. "Every building has a Makani number, now we are displaying those numbers outside each building," she added.

The remaining 60 per cent is expected to be completed by year-end.

Buildings that don’t have the Makani tag outside their properties can go online to find their Makani numbers.

Currently, there is no Makani number for off-plan projects in Dubai. More than 120 projects have been launched in the last two years in Dubai.

Only completed buildings are issued Makani.

While your regular Sat-Nav will take you to point A, Makani takes it a step further, and marks every unique access points.

“The Dubai Mall has not one, but 11 unique Makani numbers, helping navigators identify exactly which section of the mall they would like to access,” she said,

Even parks and hospitals will have a few Makani numbers to determine various access points.

 According to the official, most government offices are now on the new address system. In fact, taxis are already using Makani numbers.

The Makani is reported to be accurate to 1 square metre, and has 10-digits.

“It is an open source, so everyone can use it. You can download it from the Apple store or Google play," she added.

“The Makani app will also show real-time traffic conditions, and comes loaded with features like how to reach the nearest ATMs, health centres, etc.”