Ajman girl found dead after spiritual therapy

Two Emiratis based in Khor Fakkan who confessed to spiritually treating a young National woman is accused of killing her.

The deceased girl, MM, in her 20s, a resident of Ajman, was found her dead in her room following her return from Khor Fakkan, reported 'Gulf Today'. 

An autopsy revealed the girl was severely beaten up which led to internal bleeding and subsequent death.

The girl had attended a spiritual therapy session conducted by RS and AM, during which the duo used a stick to beat her up uttering some ritual words. She returned home and retired in her home. As she did not come out for a long time, the family broke opened the door to her room and found her motionless, reveal initial investigations.

The suspects confessed to spiritually treating the girl for psychiatric illness.

They didn’t intend to kill the girl, though admitted to beating her up, the duo claimed.

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