Ajman Police increase patrols

Ajman Police will increase patrols to monitor streets around the clock during the month of Ramadan, said Colonel Ali Hamid Al Museibi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Management.

The police will deploy 25 additional patrols with 10 to 15 officers during the whole day, he said, adding that all the internal and external roads will be monitor for the safety of road users especially before Iftar times due to recklessness of drivers in their quest to reach home in time.

The police, he said, will be patrolling populated areas to protect pedestrians from speedy drivers, accidents and run-overs around Iftar time.

He called on drivers to exercise caution to reduce the number of accidents and also leave enough space between vehicles – which is one of the major causes of accidents during this period of the year.

He urged motorists not to park their vehicles on roadside to go for shopping groceries.