Ajman sentences three for human trafficking

Ajman Criminal Court issued of verdict Wednesday sentencing two men and a woman to five years jail followed by deportation, after they were found guilty on charges of trafficking in human beings and management of a place to practice prostitution.

The court heard that the accused woman brought her sister to UAE to live with her but she exploited her and forced her into prostitution for Dh50, according to a report of Emarat Al Youm.

The CID of Ajman Police received information, stating that a Bangladeshi man was using his home as a place for prostitution, and managing a group of women for indecent activities.

Police assigned a secret source who succeeded in making a deal with the defendant to coordinate a date with a girl at his home. Consequently, he was arrested.

The defendant admitted that he oversees and runs the place and receives requests, and the second defendant, assisted by bringing men, and the third accused was used for prostitution.

The victim reported how she was exploited. She added that a man of the same nationality received her at the airport, and put her in a room with two women, and kept her the locked room for a month, and raped her, then forced her to commit adultery with five other men.

She said he handed her to the gang and was surprised by the presence of her sister in the place of prostitution, and said there were two men who were guarding the door of the house, and receiving men in the house for Dh50 each.

The victim confirmed she was crying constantly, because she was kept in the locked room that was only opened to allow men to enter and rape her. She wanted to escape, but could not because the key of the room was with the first defendant.

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