Al Ain food inspection: 7 stores on notice

The outlets were marked in terms of storage and display of food. (Supplied)

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) carried out a special inspection campaign on retail shops in Al Ain to check whether the products met the safety standards.

Inspectors issued a warning to one facility, and notices to seven others for not meeting the criteria set by the ADFCA.

The outlets were marked in terms of storage and display of food. A few products were also sent for laboratory tests to check their conformity with UAE and GCC standards, which later came out positive.

During the campaign, which were carried out during the first week of Ramadan, inspectors educated facility owners and staff on necessary safety precautions to be taken during summer and the fasting seasons.

It included safety aspects of the products while transporting, storing and displaying. The inspectors stressed the importance of keeping products at approved temperature levels.

“We are keen to cover all kind of registered food facilities operating within the limit of Abu Dhabi in order to ensure that only healthy and safe food is available in the market,” said Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communication & Community Service Division of ADFCA.

“During summer and fasting seasons, we double our efforts given the heightened risk in terms of food safety. As people are attracted to the reduction sales offered by retailers during the season we decided to check suitability of products as well its conformity to the approved standards in order to ensure a safe fasting season.”

Restaurants Control Unit at ADFCA’s Al Ain branch inspected pastries and confectionaries operating in Al Yahar area. One facility was served with two fines for not meeting the ADFCA standards.

The inspections, carried out just before the Iftar, checked how workers handled food during preparation, and how they were displayed.

The officials also instructed facility owners and staff on a range of food safety principles, shared tips about food handling and the importance of tracking and recall system.

“Being the food safety watchdog of Abu Dhabi, ADFCA is keen to expand and intensify its inspection program during summer and the fasting month. We take extra care during these seasons because food safety risk factor is high due to change in the climate and consumer behaviour,” explained Al Rayssi.

“Our efforts focus on two sides -inspections and education. While we check violations, we also spread awareness about best food safety practices.”

He also urged public to be responsible while buying food products and to inform ADFCA if they spot any violations.

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