Alert Dubai school bus driver averts disaster

An alert school bus driver averted a major accident yesterday after a careless truck driver suddenly changed lanes on a high speed highway in Dubai.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning when the school bus with about seven children and the nanny was on its way to the school in Academic City.

The transport co-ordinator at the school who spoke on condition of anonymity said a few students and the nanny sustained minor injuries, that is not considered serious, following the accident but added that the accident could have become major if the driver was not alert and if the kids had not worn seatbelts.

"Also our very strict 80km limit that we have set on all the school transport vehicles helped the driver control the vehicle," he said.

“I spoke to the driver after the incident and he told me that the bus would have easily rammed into the truck if he was driving anywhere between 100 to 120km which is the legally permitted speed limit on the road," he added.

The  accident occurred when a truck driver suddenly changed lanes on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road on Tuesday morning.

The school bus was on its routine schedule picking up kids from DIP, Sports City etc., and was on its way to Sky Courts.