April is 'child abuse prevention month' in UAE

The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre has launched a campaign under the slogan ‘Together to prevent child abuse’.

It is noteworthy that this campaign falls within the annual initiative adopted by the Higher Committee for Child Protection at the Ministry of Interior which designated April as ‘Child Abuse Prevention Month’. It also comes as a response to the initiative of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), in solidarity with the global policies of many countries that mark April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Major-General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary-General of Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Child Protection, noted that the campaign comes in response to the directives of Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. “The implementation of this campaign reflects the unwavering dedication of Lt Gen. Sheikh Saif in establishing the UAE as a cultural beacon and as a center of excellence within the region in the field of child protection. All measures shall be taken in order to contribute to strengthening the security and safety of our communities,” he said.

He said the campaign will feature a myriad of events and activities throughout the month that is befitting for each segment of society, including children, parents, families and public and private institutions. “This campaign reflects the vision of the higher leadership to make the UAE a better and safer place for children and families,” he said.

Maj-Gen. Al Nuaimi pointed out that children are the real wealth of the country. “They make the present flourish and the future rests upon their sleeves, therefore we must position them as our utmost priority in terms of care and attention. We must provide every child with a safe environment where they are comfortable and able to forge a constructive and benevolent character, one that is eager to serve their community,” he said.

“In order to give each child a fighting chance, we must provide them with adequate security and safety and keep them away from the consequences that arise from the cruelty of neglect and psychological, sexual, or emotional abuse.”

Maj-Gen. Al Nuaimi highlighted the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre and their involvement in raising the awareness of the community, parents and educational staff in public and private schools. He mentioned that through the provision of the required knowledge and skills, the Child Protection Centre aims to safeguard children against the various types and forms of child abuse or child exploitation that may arise within the family or the community.

Major Dr. Mohammed Khalifa Al Ali, Director of the Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre, urged families and community members to interact and cooperate with the campaign so at to achieve its objectives in raising community awareness and eliminate child abuse. Major Dr. Al Ali additionally stressed the importance of focusing on the issue of domestic violence and the dangers faced by children as a result of such violence.

He pointed out that the awareness campaigns throughout the month of April will include several events that target various community segments. Of the many events, the most prominent include ‘domestic violence’ awareness council; ‘a secure childhood for a promising future’ symposium; various awareness courses for a number of public and private schools; participation in the Jiu-Jitsu fair; submission of work papers during conferences; and participation in a number a televised and broadcasted interviews.

Founded in 1977, the ISPCAN has nearly 200 members representing over 100 countries. It aims to enhance the potential that enables children around the world to have a healthy, natural development physically, mentally and socially; with a special emphasis on strengthening the protection of children from all forms of exploitation.


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