Are UAE residents mobileaholics?

Country has highest number mobile phones per person in the world

It is a matter of addiction, style and the buying power. All this led to the UAE having the highest average number of mobile phones per person in the world as each individual owns nearly two handsets in the country, says US-based Wilson Electronics.

The statistics showed that average numbers of cell phones per person in the UAE are 1.95 followed by Estonia at 1.94, Hong Kong at 1.61, Italy at 1.52 and Bulgaria at 1.47. While people in the major developed countries such a Canada, US, UK and Japan own lesser number of mobiles per person. Out of every 100 people in Canada, nearly 64 own a cellphone; this ratio rises in the US where 87 people own a handset out of 100 people.

Nearly 80 per cent of teens in the US own a wireless device and 50 per cent can text blindfolded. Interestingly, nearly 15 per cent of Americans attend phone calls during sex, Wilson figures showed.

Titled “The Shocking Demographics of Cell Phone Use”. Wilson said there are more than 4.6 billion cell phones in use which is more than 370 times the number in use in 1990. However, Americans use nearly 6.1 billion minutes per day talking on the phone which averages 21 minutes per person. Nearly nine out of ten Americans used cell phone in 2009 compared to just three ten years ago.


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