Asian kills man, severs body to pieces in Al Ain

An Asian man in his 30s used a 25-cm knife to murder a 62-year-old man of another Asian nationality in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain before severing his body into pieces and dumping them in the garbage, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The murder was committed in September and was immediately discovered when dustmen emptying garbage bins found parts of a human body.

Police collected the parts but could not find the head. Forensic examination helped police identify the victim and ensuing investigation showed that there was a financial dispute between him and the killer.

Pressed during questioning, the killer confessed to the murder and told police how he lured the victim into his house to get rid of him.

“He told police that he invited the victim for dinner and then asked him to repay his debt…he said that after the victim refused, he pulled a 25-cm knife from under the bid he had bought for the murder and stabbed him many times,” Alkhaleej daily said.

“He said that he then decided to cut the body to small parts to hide his crime and that he used an axe to sever bones before stuffing all the parts in plastic bags and dumping them in the big garbage bins near his house.”