Asian teen couple admits affair to get married in Abu Dhabi

A 19-year-old Indian school boy risked going to prison to marry his girl friend of the same nationality when he revealed to her father in Abu Dhabi that they have an affair.

The boy wanted to put pressure on the girl’s father so he will approve the marriage, apparently without realizing the father could resort to the police.

The incident took place at the girl’s apartment in the capital after she asked her boyfriend to come and see her father to ask him to marry her.

The boy waited in the sitting room till the father came home from work and faced him with his request, telling him that he was in love with his daughter.

“The father was furious when he saw the boy and his daughter at home on their own…he was more furious when the boy asked to marry his daughter,” the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emarat Al Youm said.

“When he rejected his request and rebuked the couple, the boy told him that he loves his daughter and that they had slept together many times…the father then quickly informed the police, who came and arrested the couple.”

The paper said a judge trying the couple at a criminal court, where they confessed to having an affair, adjourned hearings to September 9 for medical results.


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