Big Debate: UAE schools reopen...

It's once again time for early-to-bed and early-to-rise schedules for families in the UAE. After the long summer holidays, parents are gearing up for the hectic schedules that would soon become routine as their wards return to school.

While some schools in the Emirates have already re-opened the rest will welcome students next week. 

Emirates24|7 spoke to some parents and teachers to find out how they prepare themselves to guide their kids through another school term.

Rachana Sharmna, Owner, Chubby Cheeks Nursery, advises parents to "plan a shopping trip with kids exclusively for school supplies. And to let children pick things up".

That will not only help them identify their belongings but also make the whole back-to-school episode a fun experience.

Ruth Hulatt, mother, goes one step ahead and asks fellow parents to plan their first day early. Since most parents would converge at the school at about the same time, it's better to stagger your arrival time at the school so as to avoid traffic congestion and get parking space.

Intrestingly, unlike most parents who dread the alarm clock, Nathalie is a mom who is looking forward to the new school term. "It will set a routine now. My child will now sleep on time and get up on time," she says.

Apart from school supplies and revised timings, another major issue most parents face is a balanced and complete diet for their growing children.

Saira Abu Baker, Montessori Teacher, says, "The first few days, just pamper the kids. Pack their lunch boxes with the food they love. And slowly move towards a balanced and healthy diet."

Meanwhile, Sali, a mother-of-two, says, "It's very important for parents to be organised."

While, Rachna suggests parents stack on healthy and easy-to-prepare breakfast items to avoid rushing children to eat and spending long hours in the kitchen early morning, Vinitha says shopping over the weekend and planning for the entire week in advance is the only way ahead, especially with school projects that would consume most evenings.

Parents also need to talk to their little ones, get them mentally prepared to accept the change in schedules, say primary school teachers.


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