Billionaire's '3km name' seen from space


The UAE billionaire – who recently bought the world’s most expensive car for Dh9 million – has carved his name on an island near Abu Dhabi.

Reports says that the name is so massive that it’s spread over three kilometres with each letter more than half a kilometre long.

It doesn’t stop here. The gigantic name is even visible from space.

The billionaire - who goes with the first name of Hamad – carved his name in capital letters on his Al Futaisi island - near Abu Dhabi.

The reports don’t say when and how the name was inscribed on the land. The project was started some time ago but was halted in between. The completed project picture was uploaded on the billionaire’s Facebook site a few hours ago indicating that the project has very recently been completed.

The letters, according to reports, don’t wash away as they form waterways to absorb the encroaching tide.

The UAE billionaire is a known philanthropist with focus on medical causes.

The billionaire also owns an automobile museum in Abu Dhabi housing over 200 exotic cars. Bloomberg, earlier this month, reported that the he bought custom-made Bugatti L’Or Blanc fitted with a porcelain caviar tray.

Hamad also has built the world’s largest truck - Dodge Power Wagon – which is 64 times bigger than the original with a whole apartment inside in the middle of the desert.

The museum also reportedly houses a custom-built globe-shaped motor home said to be one-millionth the size of the Earth.

UAE man buys world's most expensive car

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