Brakes fail as Sharjah driver zooms at 140kph...

Sharjah police saved an Emirati driver whose car developed a brake failure while travelling at 140 kph on the motorway towards the northern city without having to bang their patrol cars into his vehicle, newspapers reported on Saturday.

Police said simple instructions given to the driver by phone helped him bring his car brakes back to work and stop the vehicle without any accident.

Lt Hassan Al Dahouri, who supervised the operation, said the driver was told to flash his car hazard light, fasten his seat belt and put the gear into neutral (N) position.

“We told him to hold the wheel tight…we then asked him to turn the engine off and back on at the same time…after he did this, the car brake started to function and returned to normal, allowing him to control and stop the car.”

He said the unnamed motorist, who was driving on Mlaiha road towards Sharjah, emerged out of the car unscathed after “implementing police instructions to the letter.”


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