Cabin Crew pay packages

Emirates cabin crew benefits will depend on the role, as per the airline.

However, to give a broad outline of the pay package, it includes the fixed monthly cash payment (related to the position and based on the knowledge and competencies of the individual).

Besides this, Emirates provides shared cabin crew accommodation with own bedroom.

Profit sharing schemes, exchange rate protection scheme, professional specialist allowances also make up a part of the package.

However, these benefits depend upon the role and/or applicant’s unique personal circumstance.

Transportation to and from the airport and other standard non-cash elements like annual leave, leave tickets, end of service gratuity, medical and insurance form a part of the package.

On leaving the company, an employee is entitled to an end of service gratuity or provident scheme payment, whichever is higher.

Education support allowance is given to staff in more senior positions and eligible UAE National and GCC citizens are enrolled into their respective government pension scheme, with employee and company contributions payable.

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