Can you take your kids for late evening shows in Dubai?

Only if it is for animated or family entertainers that are rated G/PG

All movie show-casers in Dubai allows children into the cinema halls, provided they meet the age requirement specified for the movie screened.

Although some newspaper reports suggested that Grand Cinema disallowed children for any screening after 7pm, their official statement read; “For all sessions from 7pm, and later, any child below the age of five may attend animated features or family movies that are rated G/PG.”

However, the show-casers do use discretion while screening Bollywood movies. “Since these are mostly family entertainers, we are flexible over the issue of ratings. We allow kids, aged under five, for shows after 7pm,” she adds.

Reel Cinemas also issued a statement on similar lines. “We don’t have a no-child policy. We only stress on the ratings. It should be suitable for kids,” confirms an official.

Vox Cinema also endorsed the rating rule. “At VOX Cinemas, as long as it is within the regulations of the UAE Ministry of Information & Culture the decision on whether to take a baby or young child inside the cinema is left to the parents,” confirms Michelle Walsh, senior marketing manager at Vox Cinemas.

“Babies below two years are not permitted for movies rated 15+ and 18+ at any time even though they cannot understand what is shown,” she explains. “A film that is rated PG15, PG13 or G may have babies or children inside as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

But if the children cause any disturbance during the screening of the movie, then the show-casers can ask the parents to escort them out of the hall.

“If at any time a child becomes disruptive then ushers are encouraged to ask the customer to leave the cinema until such time that the child stops crying and settles down,” adds a Grand Cinema official.

Even VOX Cinemas exercises similar guidelines. “If the children make loud noises, run around the cinemas or cause disturbance to the other guests, then our employees will speak to the parents and request them to calm their child or take them outside.”

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