Car almost crashes out of 4th floor parking slot at Deira car park

All pictures by Emirates24|7 reader - Hassaan Mohebbi

A reader of Emirates 24|7 sent us pictures of a miraculous escape for the driver of a car that almost broke through the 4th floor wall of a multiple-storey car park in Dubai.

"A car [driver] in a parking building drove fast and lost control on fourth floor, hit the wall which collapsed,” said Hassaan Mohebbi.

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"Thank God no one was down there in that area. It is [generally] very crowded, but accident occurred before 9am shop opening time... around 8:30am.

"The parking is in Deira's Al Ras road near Souq Murshid," Mohebbi said. "This building has around 800 parking spaces, and from 8am to 8pm it is always full"

"I believe more safety should be considered for such old buildings," he added.

It appears that the debris from the collapsed wall fell on to the street below.

Fortunately no one was reported as hurt. It appears as if some of the debris may have fallen on a minibus parked below the spot where the 4th floor retaining wall had been broken.

Police were on the scene and the road below was cleared up, witnesses said.