Car using jet fuel to increase speed seized in Dubai

Police chief says driver will be prosecuted for massive violations

Dubai Police stalking drivers harassing residents seized a car supplied with an extra engine that takes jet fuel to increase its speed to nearly 350 km per hour after a late night chase in the city, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

Police patrols had chased the speeding car near Khawaneej roundabout but its drivers refused to stop and trespassed into a house to hide the vehicle.

Police later retrieved the car and its driver and found that it was supplied with an extra engine and a tank that can take jet fuel. The car was also fitted with several other additions costing nearly Dh210,000.

The incident took place at night in late Ramadan and police said the car was chased because of its noisy engine and high speed.

“After our men checked the car, they found that it was fitted with a computer system, another engine and a jet fuel tank plus extra cylinders and other additions……its driver said he used jet fuel to increase its speed and admitted that the jet fuel and the additions were provided by a car maintenance shop,” Dubai traffic police chief major general Mohammed Al Zafin said.

“The driver told the police that he spent nearly Dh210,000 on such facilities and those other drivers have paid much more to have such fittings.”

Quoted by Albayan daily, Zafin said the unnamed driver had been referred to the prosecutor given the “seriousness” of the offences.



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