Child left in car suffocates, dies in RAK

A three-year-old Yemeni boy suffocated to death after he was forgotten by his parents inside their car for nearly three hours in the scorching hot weather in Ras Al Khaimah.

Badr Imad Abdullah was rushed to hospital on Friday afternoon but doctors said he was already dead because of asphyxia, Emarat Al Youm daily said.
"Medical examination showed the boy died of asphyxia after he was left inside the car for three hours as he could not breathe because the windows were closed,” it said.
The paper quoted security sources as saying the boy was forgotten inside the car near their house in Adhan neighborhood on Friday but it did not give further details.
Major General Nasser Lakhraibani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior; Chairman of the Higher Committee for Child Protection at the Ministry of Interior, expressed his deep regret at the death of the child.
He said such incidents occur clearly due to negligence of family.



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