Child who escaped dad’s torture is out of hospital

Lawyers refuse to defend killer father for ethical reasons

A six-year-old Emirati girl who survived her father’s torture that led to the death of her eight-year-old sister has been discharged from hospital and sent to Dubai’s women and children care establishment for rehabilitation.

Meera will spend some time at the establishment before a court decision on who will take custody of the girl—her mother or her father’s parents.With a shaven head and burns all over her body, Meera had spent a few days at hospital following the arrest of her father and his girl friend for torturing her elder sister, Wadima, to death with boiled water and hot objects.

Her mother, a divorcee, had said she would take her daughter back while her grandparents insist on having custody of her.According to Albayan Arabic language daily, many lawyers have refused to defend Meera’s father, Saudi Al Shirwai, who has confessed of killing Wadima with the help of his girl friend and burying her in the desert three months ago.“I strongly refuse to defend this man…we have to respect ethics and principles in our profession,” lawyer Abdullah Al Nassir said.

“I can’t expect myself to stand in court and defend this killer,” said Salah Mubashri, another lawyer. “Sorry but he is a brutal and savage murderer who killed his own daughter and tortured the other…how can I stand in court and defend such a man.”Another solicitor, Saeed Al Suwaidi, said that crime had shocked the public opinion and that the defendant had “left no one to sympathise with him.”

“I don’t think any one will stand in court and defend this killer or try to find a legal loophole to give him a reduced sentence,” he said.“This crime shows that the defendant is mentally, ethically and religiously bankrupt because no sane person can do what this man has done.”ends

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