Circular against staff who quit legally can get firm Dh20k fine

Labour laws prevent employers from exploiting their powers: MoL

Employers who issue ‘malicious’ circulars against workers who wish to terminate services with them and join another firm legally, will face a fine of Dh20,000, according to the Ministry of Labour.

Qassim Mohammed Jamil, Director of Labor Offices, MoL, said, if the reasons for issuing such a circular is not justified, the employers will be fined, reported Al Khaleej daily.

He was responding to a complaint from a woman who claimed her employer had issued a circular against her two days after she left work and requested officials to have it withdrawn.

She claimed that her employer had allowed her to leave and so was surprised to see such a circular later.

Jamil said labour laws prevent employers from exploiting their powers.

He explained that once a complaint is received, the employer is given two weeks to explain why such an action was taken. During this time, there will also be a field inspection of the workplace.

And in the absence of sufficient justification, the employer will be fined Dh20,000 as it would be considered a breach of their powers and a step to intentionally harm others.


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