Coco-Cola's Dubai airport video goes viral

Coca-Cola’s new campaign showing passengers checking in at Dubai International Airport has gone viral.

It has been viewed over a million times on YouTube in just one month.


Titled ‘Coca-Cola –Taking Home Happiness’, the clip shows passengers ready to take-off to various parts of the world. They are shown sharing their purpose of their travel and the items they are carrying.

If one person is going to visit his ill parent, then another is eager to meet her baby. From school supplies to nappies and gadgets, their baggage are brimming with gifts for their loved ones back home.

However, some of them are dejected when they learn that they have over-shot their luggage limit.

That’s when a woman in a Coca-Cola T-shirt hands out bottles with a special label, which when peeled away doubles as an excess baggage tag – ‘an extra five kilos of happiness’!


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