Cop among three who sodomised 14-year-old boy

A policeman, a Sudanese and a fugitive allegedly sodomised a Syrianteenager with the help of other two in the desert off Al Warqa area in Dubai.

MAA, 21, Sudanese student, AAM, 23, Emirati policeman and afugitive identified as M, sexually assaulted MFD 14, Syrian student,with the help of AAH 19, and MAG 24, both are Emirati students.

The victim testified before the prosecution that on December 22,and while he was with his friends at Al Qasba in Sharjah he met someone calledMohammed who introduced him to the four accused and the fugitive. “I agreed toride with them in their car to go to Al Mamzar area in Dubai to compete in singing ‘Rab’.

"On our way, the three of them told me that they wanted to have me but I stronglyrefused. They deviated to a sandy area where all got off the car. Theyprevented me from getting off the car and AAM, and M threatened me saying: Wewill kill you if you do not obey us… AAM was holding a box and M a knife.”

AAM ordered me to take off my clothes. I  did as I was scared of him. He had sex with meand then MAA came into the car and had sex.. MAG came into the car and I askedhim for help… he refused saying he has nothing to do with that. The came M intothe car and had sex as well…The rest could not have sex because my mobile rangand my mother was worried about me… so they dropped me back home.”

Corporal, Shayef Mohammed testified that on December 23, the victim cameto the police station and testified about being sodomised by seven people. The accused were arrested on the following dayat Al Mamzar area and the accused told a story similar to the testimony of the victim.

On their way, they met MAG and Humaid (fugitive), who got into thecar and went with them to a the sandy area, he testified.

The next hearing will be on June 12.

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