Cosmetic surgery among Dubai residents doubles

Demand for cosmetic surgery in Dubai has significantly increased by over 100% since last year.
About 68,000 males and females visited cosmetic clinics in Dubai last year, according to the report of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
The report suggested that of this 68,000, 13,000 were Emirati women and 2,000 were Emirati man, reported Emarat Al Youm.
DHA disclosed that the Emaratis who visited these beauty clinics were subjected to operations, including improving and polishing the skin, laser peels, treatment of deformities of the nose, and cellulite treatment.
Visitors at these clinics and beauty centres often ask for 12 popular types of cosmetic surgery, the most important being laser hair removal, mesotherapy treatment used to melt body fat and renewal of skin cells.
The report indicated that 15,000 citizens requested plastic surgery, last year compared to 12,000 in 2010.
The report also said there was an increase in the number of Emirati ladies who visited the cosmetic clinics in Dubai.
It was mentioned that The Emirates Medical Association, has warned repeatedly from the high demand for cosmetic surgery in the UAE.
The report also mentioned that men are now competing with women with requests for such operations.

(Image courtesy Shutterstock)