Court backs workers in two compensation cases

A court in Abu Dhabi supported a doctor and a municipal worker seeking compensation from their employers for job accidents during separate cases this week, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The court of cassation rejected an appeal by a private hospital against an earlier sentence ordering it to pay damages to a doctor who suffered from neck injuries in a road accident while on his way home from work, Emarat Alyoum said.

The hospital argued that it was not a job accident on the grounds the doctor left work early and did not use the company’s vehicle.
But the court rejected this argument and considered the doctor’s injuries as a result of a job accident since he had not “gone out of the way,” it said.

In a separate case, the court turned down an appeal by a UAE municipality against a worker, who suffered from leg injuries after slipping down from the municipality’s tanker. The accident resulted in a “20 per cent disability.”

“The court, based on a medical report, decided that what happened to the worker was an accident during work and therefore he is entitled for compensation.”

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