Crime rate in Dubai declines significantly

Crime rate in Dubai has declined significantly, according to Colonel Ahmed bin Ghalita, Director, Anti-Crime Department, Dubai Police.

The year 2010 saw 31.7 per cent fall in numbers of disturbing crime such as theft, rape, sodomy and murder in the emirate compared to the previous year. This is largely due to the efforts of the Anti-crime Department set up in 2008/2009. Col Ghalita said in the very first year of the department being established the crime rate declined by 7.7 per cent.

Speaking on the programme Rouh Al Qanoon - 'the spirit of law' at Noor Dubai, Colonel Ghalita said studies show that most of the crimes committed were impromtu and not pre-planned. In several cases the victims also contribute to the crime, he added.

He cited numerous examples, such as a case of a mobile theft. The lady owner of the gadget on returning to the cafe from the washroom discovered her mobile phone was missing. Similarly, an Asian was attacked and killed soon after he walked out of an exchange withdrawing Dh720,000. It is alleged the killer, a mechanic, was on his way to buy some spare parts when he saw the victim counting cash and was tempted to gain some.

Bin Ghalita said Dubai Police has intensified security in certain areas identified as vulnerable to crime. Four areas including Nayef, Grand Market at Al Refa'ah; Al Satwa and Global Village at Ras Al Khour are being tightly scrutinised, he added. Police have been successful in controlling about 134 issues in Nayef area so far. Meanwhile 24 cases have been addressed and eight people arrested in Satwa. In Global Village 21 people have been arrested and 160 abandoned cars seized.

Colonel Ghalita appealed to all citizens to report any suspicious incidents or report any person who might be considered a security threat on toll free number 800600600 and stressed that the informer will not be held accountable.

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