Cyber-blackmail, spreading rumours on social media: Dubai alerts users

Dubai Customs, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Dubai Police ‘Al Ameen’ Service, organised a workshop on cyber extortion and the effect of spreading rumours via social media.

Abdulla Lashkari from Dubai Police delivered a lecture on the topic in front of a host of Dubai Customs employees.

The workshop covered a number of key points aimed at better informing employees on the illicit means of cyber-blackmail and the extents of vulnerability that should be fortified against offenses of both financial and social extortion.

In his interactive lecture, Lashkari explained how to best use social media platforms while guarding oneself against cyber extortionists.

He asserted the need for reading the privacy statement of smart mobile apps for a better decision-making on how to protect personal data.

The lecturer also highlighted the importance of societal awareness on the cyber-blackmail phenomenon and the responsibility of parents in monitoring their children’s interaction level on social media, as kids are considered most prone to such illicit acts.

Part of the lecture was focused on the legal aspects of cyber-extortion and the global efforts in tracking down blackmailers via circulated notices on the behalf of Interpol, as well as the UAE’s firm stance against assailants thanks to its legislative arsenal that incriminates such acts.

Further, attendees were introduced to the means of precaution in dealing with electronic correspondence, the damage of personal data privacy breach and the jeopardising consequences of lame security and technology awareness.

“The hosting of this workshop comes in line with Dubai Customs’ keenness to ensure an optimal and up-to-date security awareness of its employees for better protecting social security and better honing their social media skills and immunity against cybercrimes,” said Sheikha Al Ghafri, acting director of Customs Training Centre.