Day 2: Sharjah warehouse blaze 'not under control' yet

Leads to major trafic chaos around busy National Paints crossing

A major fire that broke out on Wednesday evening near the National Paint roundabout near Sharjah Industrial area continues to rage even on the second day. The blaze has already engulfed about five warehouses that stored furniture, garments and other goods.

Firefighters were not able to bring the blaze under control by noon on Thursday.

Thick, dark smoke continues to affect visibility and traffic in one of the most congested part of the emirate's industrial area.

“About five big warehouses were gutted in the fire, which still continues. The warehouses belong to Iranian traders who have shops and outlets in Dubai and Sharjah. The fire cost huge losses to the warehouse owners,” said a source familiar with the fire.

“Thick dark smoke could be seen from as far as Ajman and traffic through the Emirates Road has been severely affected. As motorists slowed down to watch the raging fire and smoke emanating from a distance, the morning traffic was really in a mess,”  the eye-witness added.

The fire started on Wednesday evening and spread to other adjacent warehouses quickly. "As one of the warehouses contained furniture and other inflammable materials such as sponge and chemicals used for making furniture, the fire spread very fast. Fortunately, the smoke did not reach our residential buildings,” remarked a resident who lives in the adjacent area.

Meanwhile, firefighting exercise continues at the fire site, just across the National Paints factory. “The fire from last evening reminded me of the major fire that gutted part of the National Paints factory almost a year ago. However, no one is known to have been injured in the warehouse fire,” said a resident of the area.
Another fire breaks out in residential area of Sharjah
A fire broke out in a residential building in Sharjah causing panic among residents. A three-year-old Indian girl and a housemaid were rescued from the flat where the fire had erupted.

The blaze was reportedly caused by an electric iron which was not switched off by the maid after she finished ironing the clothes.

The maid was found in a semi-conscious state in the flat and a baby was also removed found in the wash-room. The maid had allegedly tried to escape by putting the kid in the toilet.

Fortunately, a neighbor from another floor of the same building rescued the housemaid and the baby, after dousing the fire using a fire extinguisher. The infant's parents were at work at the time of the incident.
Warehouses in Al Aweer market razed to the ground

In another case, warehouses that stored fruit and vegetables in the Al Aweer area were gutted.

By the time the fire was brought under control, three major yards that stored fruits and vegetables as well as a few vehicles were razed to the ground.

The fire started from a collection of batteries, lights and  other electrical appliances that were piled up for export inf ront of the warehouse.

A pick-up trailer and a container were gutted in the fire. The employees who were sleeping inside the yard had a narrow escape.

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