DFM launches free stock portfolio inquiry service

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) on Tuesday launched the ‘Stock Portfolio Inquiry Call Service’, a comprehensive voice portal tailored to meet evolving investor needs and a first-of-its-kind service amongst the region’s financial markets. The new service allows investors the opportunity to instantly track their investment and transaction details of DFM and NASDAQ Dubai listed companies, a statement posted on DFM website said.
Available in Arabic and English with 24/7 instant access, the free of charge service enables investors to inquire easily and confidentially on DFM and NASDAQ Dubai balance transactions; whether they are within a clearing, settlement and depository account or a brokerage account, investors can track bonus/right issue shares, transfer of shares from/to the account, executed trade details (buy and sell) amongst many other services.
Utilising this new service, investors no longer have to visit DFM personally and ask for this information, the statement said.
Investors can easily register for free to the phone service in just a few minutes by calling the DFM customer services agent, where the caller will be identified and their registration to the service activated.
Once registered, the investor will be provided with a User Identification (ID) via SMS notification.
The investor is then required to call back to access the “Stock Portfolio Inquiry Service” using their User Identification (ID), create a PIN Code and set up a voice recording of a Secret Passphrase.
Users should keep safe the User ID to access the service anytime and also enter either their PIN Code or Secret Passphrase.
As part of the flexible features available on the ‘Stock Portfolio Inquiry Call Service’, investors can either utilize the phone keypad or alternatively verbally interact with the interactive voice response system, the statement added.
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