Dh299 XPad in UAE stores today

Indrajit Sabharwal, Chairman, Simmtronics, showcases the tablet at the launch in Dubai on Wednesday (SUPPLIED)

XPad the tablet that puts the affordable back in to touchscreens, and that was launched in Dubai last week is not available yet here locally.

However, it will be in two days, a company official told Emirates 24|7.

“The tablet will start selling from July 18.

Initially about 8,000 units will be made available in the UAE market,” said a company statement.

Demand for the tablet, which drew much attention here in Dubai, seemed to be growing with several readers writing in to this website wanting to know why it was not yet available.

The 7-inch Android tablet is priced at Dh299 and will be sold in Sharaf DG and Lulu outlets across the UAE.

India based Simmtronics that launched its latest tablet in the UAE last Wednesday says it is aiming to popularise the product among students and those looking for a cheaper alternate to the Android experience.

That would mean the XPad taking on Samsung. However, any tablet worth its salt can only be measured against the game-changer, original, the iPad.

The 7-inch XPad is wifi only and works on Android 4.0 with a 512MB Ram and a 4GB internal storage with expandable external memory and a USB and HDMI port connectivity.

The XPad also comes in 8-inch, 9-inch and 10-inch models.

Simmtronics also sells other tablets in the UAE.

Its P700A is being sold in Sharaf DG with a bundle offer of buy one get one free for Dh620.

The 7-inch tablet with a framed screen and a single front camera runs on Android 4.0 with a 4Gb internal storage and a 512 MB Ram.

The P701 a slightly higher version with a gloss on gloss 7 inch screen with dual cameras is priced at $140 (Dh514); while a higher version tablet the P-704 with Wifi and cellular facility that runs on Android 2.2 with a 1GB Ram and an internal storage of 8GB is priced at $220 (Dh808)

However for those for those looking for the cheapest tablet the 7-inch Crony tablet with similar features is selling on Souq.com for Dh289.


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