Driver accused of killing girlfriend weeps in court

Charge sheet says he strangulated the woman and dumped her body on the street

The Dubai Criminal Court heard on Thursday a case of a Filipino driver who is accused of the premeditated murder of his girlfriend.

IJD, 26, is accused of strangulating Emma Angos in the back seat of a car. He later dumped her body on the street.

The accused wept in court when the charge sheet was read to him. When asked the reason for crying, he could not stop sobbing while talking in English in a very low voice.

The court adjourned the case until September 27 to arrange a translator for the accused.
Hassan Sultan Al Shamsim 27, policeman testified that on March 26 a woman’s body was found on the street in the Al Twar area. Investigations lead police to the accused who confessed killing the woman with the belt she was wearing following a dispute over money. The accused also confessed that he dumped her body in Al Twar.

Ashraf Ibrahim, 50, forensic doctor, testified before prosecution that the bruises on the victim’s neck were caused by an elastic item and not hands. The woman was strangulated by a person standing behind and not in front of her, he said.

There were scratches on the accused’s hands that could have been made when the woman was struggling for her life. Death would have occurred within a few minutes.

The prosecution sheet noted that the accused made contradictory confessions as once he said that he tried to suffocate her with his hands and that she talked to him after his attempt. He later told prosecutors that she strangulated herself by using a nylon rope without his knowledge.