Drivers face fine for wearing shades at night

Dubai Traffic Police has recommended a list of stringent measures, including imposing fines, to rope in traffic offenders. Once the ministry approves them, you will be fined for sporting sunglasses and driving at night or even refusing to co-operate with cops. You could also be fined if the rear lights of your vehicle is not functioning.

A study by the Dubai Traffic Police has suggested 14 amendments to the Federal Traffic Law, adding new offences and increasing fines on offenders, according to Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, Director of Dubai Traffic Department.

The UAE’s Ministry of the Interior is considering the amendments and is expected to take a decision on them in the next few months.

Among the suggested amendments, the department is introducing a new offence called ‘neglect and lack of attention’ which will invite a fine of Dh400.

Another new offence proposed to be added is ‘driving a vehicle in a manner considered to be a threat’. The fine in this case will be Dh1,000.

Those wearing sunglasses while driving at night are to be fined Dh500.

The fine for refusing to give name and address to the traffic policeman will be doubled from Dh500 to Dh1,000.

Non-fitness of tyres will invite a fine of Dh500 instead of Dh200 as earlier.

The fine for absence of red light in the rear of the car will be raised to Dh200 from Dh100.

Malfunctioning direction indicator lights will attract a fine of Dh200 against Dh100 earlier.

The new fine for driving a car with expired registration or driving licence will be Dh1,000.

The car will be impounded for 15 days if the colour tint of the glass exceeds 30 per cent and for a month if the glass is totally coloured.

All passengers in a vehicle are to be fined for not fastening the seat belt, not just the driver.

Cases brought by the Traffic Prosecution are to be decided by the Traffic Court. The cases are to be decided in the presence of the offender, not in absentia.

Not submitting the driver’s licence or vehicle registration and not carrying the licence or vehicle registration while driving will also invite a fine, according to the amendsments suggested by the Dubai Traffic Police study.


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