Driving Licence not be part of Emirates ID card

The Emirates Identity card will not include the UAE driver's licence, according to Maj. Gen. Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, Director-General of Dubai Traffic Police.

He said there are difficulties in replacing the card with Emirates ID card because the driving licence is issued for a particular purpose which allows a person to drive a car, after passing specific tests to be able to get the licence.

He stated to ‘Emirates24|7’ that, for example, a driving licence never obviates the need for a passport.

Maj Gen Al Zaffin said modern technology could help in incorporating some other cards such as health card or labour card in the identity card, but specifically the identity card will not incorporate the driver's licence.

He added that traffic security considerations are related to the requirements of the issuance and renewal of driving licence every few years.

These include keeping track of offenders and those who are involved in traffic accidents,” Maj Gen Al Zaffin pointed out.

He disclosed that driving licence is a must also because of the security considerations such as the use of the car in the commission of criminal offences such as theft or concealment of a corpse inside a car.

In such cases the traffic police can check if the driver has a licence which has a major impact on the control of crime, Maj. Gen Al Zaffin explained.

Al Zaffin added that the issuance and renewal of the driving licence is carried out by the RTA, which may have another point of view on the subject.

He added security considerations make it difficult to include driving licence in the Emirates ID Card.

Dr Ali Al Khouri, Director-General of Emirates Identity (Eida) stated to Emirates 24|7 that the identity card will replace many of the cards such as labour card and health card.



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