Driving licence racket busted: 11 in jail

Ajman Court of First Instance on Monday sentenced 11 people who were accused of being involved in a driving test scam.

The accused include nine Asians, an Arab woman and an officer. The nine accused will serve one year in jail for bribing a police officer to help clear their driving tests. They will be deported after serving their sentence, reported 'Emarat Al Youm' and 'Al Ittihad' newspapers.

The police officer is also fined Dh10,000 apart from the jail term for accepting the bribe.

Police confiscated Dh3,000 from the Arab woman who acted as a middlewoman and who helped the nine accused clear their driving tests.

Meanwhile, the police officer, who works with the Traffic Department in Ajman, is accused of accepting bribes from the woman to help clear the nine Asians.

One of the accused Asians claimed that in January his documents [which showed he had passed the driving test] was forcibly taken away
from him. And he was asked to pay Dh4,000 to get the same.

This followed an investigation which led to the arrest of the middlewoman first. She inturn led the CID officials to the police officer. The Arab woman confessed to having doing this for five months and sharing the money with the police officer.


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