Drowning child rescued in Sharjah

Al Montazah Amusement and Water Park has issued a statement urging all families and visitors to remain cautious and monitor their children to avoid any serious accidents such as drowning.

The statement comes after a near drowning incident involving a three-year-old boy from Oman.

According to park authorities, after taking off his safety jacket provided by Al Montazah and getting ready to leave the park with his family, the boy managed to run away and slipped into one of the lazy river’s sides.

According to reports, the child was transferred to Al Qasimi Hospital and is now unconscious due to the fall and the drop of oxygen level in the brain; however, the medical team has maintained the heart rhythm and the breathing rate are stable.

The medical team of the National Ambulance and Al Qasimi Hospital praised the immediate action that was taken by the trained rescue team and the first aid members at Al Montazah after the incident.  

"We pray that the child completes a full recovery from this unfortunate incident. The safety and comfort of our visitors are of our top priority,” said Khalid Al Qaseer, Manager of Al Montazah Amusement and Water Park.

He continued: “We have dedicated our efforts by allocating multiple security members and life guards to ensure the safety and protection of all visitors and their family members.

“Similarly, it is important that families also play a key role in remaining cautious and constantly keeping an eye on their children to avoid any such cases. For this reason we do not allow children under the age of 12 to enter the waterpark without being accompanied by their parents or a guardian.”

The official added the park was in direct contact with the boy’s family and the hospital to ensure receiving the required medication and treatment needed, “and to fulfil any needs of the family who came from Oman to visit the country.”