Du Internet services restored in Dubai

A number of users in Dubai complained yesterday of slow or partially unavailable Internet services at their homes. 

The problem persisted only with Du subscribers in certain areas in the emirate even as the telecom body responded today saying that the services were restored. 

Du subscribers from the Emirates Hills area, including those residing in Springs, Meadows and Lakes, as well as those living in Dubailand (Skycourts towers) confirmed that they had faced problems since yesterday.

“I asked the call centre and was told that mine was among the accounts ‘impacted’, and that Du engineers were on the job to rectify the issue,” said a resident at Skycourts who wished not to be identified.

“The executive said the problem is being addressed, but couldn’t give me a specific time-frame on when it might get sorted out,” he added.

Those in the Emirates Hills area said that there were intermittent problems, with several users taking to social media to vent their frustrations.

“Mine keeps dropping out in springs 3. It is driving me nuts! [sic!],” wrote one user on a post in a community Facebook page.

Another user in Meadows 3 said they had no internet services on Tuesday until 2pm in the afternoon.

Du today responded to Emirates 24|7 queries, with a spokesperson saying: "We experienced a minor outage that affected a limited section of fixed line internet customers in some areas of Dubai. The interruption started around 12:45 noon on August 25 and lasted approximately 20 minutes. Our technical team prioritised the incident, and services returned to normal quickly. We continue to monitor the situation and apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused."

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