Dubai-based Arab has Dh700,000 in traffic violation fines

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An Arab man has accumulated fines of Dh700,000 for traffic violations, according to Lt. Col. Abdurrahman Al-Sha’er, Director of Legal Affairs at the General Department of Human Rights at Dubai Police, reported ‘Al Khaleej’ newspaper.

Similarly, an Arab woman has accumulated fines of Dh300,000 for traffic violations.

Lt. Col Al-Sha’er said these cases came to light after the new resolution of allowing fine payments in installments was initiated.

Yet another motorist in Dubai has a fine of Dh250,000, he added.

Lt. Col Al-Sha’er added the new law, No. 47 of 2014, has unified fines and penalties in an installment system for all local departments in Dubai.

As per the resolution, individuals should pay Dh5,000 per installment and institutions Dh20,000, he said.

Article 7 of the resolution states that motorists who delay payments of premiums will be required to pay the remaining installments all at once.

Also the person who will delay paying installments within the allotted time period will not be allowed to avail the scheme for two years, he added.

Major Dr. Abdurrahman Yusuf Al Obaidli, Head of Law and Issues at the Legal Affairs Department of Dubai Police, said the department had initiated several measures to make it easier for public to pay fines, particularly during office hours.

Maj. Al Obaidli said motorists can visit Al Qusais Police Station at any time of the day to make fine payments. Also, in case of arrests they can pay at the airport.

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