Dubai CID cracks down on pirated satellite TV

Following the first set of raids conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in collaboration with Dubai Police, the CID has launched an aggressive campaign to track down illegal satellite service providers.

The CID has obtained a list of illegal subscriptions to South Asian TV channels, which in turn has helped the recently formed Anti-Piracy Coalition and the concerned authorities to crack down on unauthorised satellite service providers and dealers.

Colonel Salem Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Deputy Director of CID, said: “Dubai Police has a robust strategy in place to crack down on piracy related crimes, and monitor illegal devices, equipment, and decoders, through specialised CID teams. We have taken immediate action to capture unauthorised devices identified by Dubai Police to ensure intellectual property rights are protected, as defined by the UAE law.

“The UAE is committed to fight all forms of piracy especially television piracy which costs the industry millions and is a threat to companies who consider Dubai and the UAE as a safe place for investment,” he added, pointing out that increased efforts to fight piracy will directly result in increased investment in the country.

Colonel Al Rumaithi also added that piracy affects everyone and it is not solely the responsibility of the authorities - every member of the community should join the battle against piracy.

David Butorac, Chief Executive Officer, OSN, said: “We are thankful to the authorities for their swift action. For long, TV piracy was seen as a victimless crime, however the loss in revenue it causes the industry and the adverse impact it has on the region’s creative talent is immense. We urge illegal content viewers to subscribe to a legal pay-TV service and respect the copyright laws of the UAE.”

Butorac also underlined the efforts of the Anti-Piracy Coalition, which supports and works hand-in-hand with the CID and the industry encouraging and educating viewers to subscribe to legitimate services.

The economic crime department at CID is taking strict action against pirates, and has carried out a number of raids, seizing illegal equipment and decoders.

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