Dubai cop killed while chasing drug dealer

A Dubai policeman from the Department of Anti-Narcotics lost his life while chasing a drug dealer, reported Al Bayan. 

Following a tip-off that a GCC national, with a criminal record, would be selling a huge qauntity of drugs to an unknown person at a location close to Emirates Road, the deparment sent a police patrol to nab the duo, said

Major-General Abdul Jalil Mahdi Asmawi, Director-General Department Anti-Narcotics.

On seeing the police patrol zeroing in on him, the accused in a four-wheel drive hit the police car and sped into a sandy path. The police tried chasing the accused, but their saloon car overturned killing a policeman and seriously injuring the driver.

Dubai Police finally arrested the drug dealer in Ajman after a two-hour chase with the help of Ajman Police.

He is cooperating with the police and has informed them of other dealers.

Police alo confiscated drugs from his possession.

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