Dubai crackdown on ‘rude’ taxi drivers: Psyche or sack tactics

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) working hard to improve travel experience for customers

Irate taxi drivers are (in)famous in Dubai. 

Although it isn’t accurate to accuse every driver of indulging in such behaviour, case histories do suggest that a sizeable number are guilty of it. 

The incidents, however, are set to reduce with the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) claiming they are working on improving the travel experience for its customers. 

Once a complaint is lodged, it is treated with utmost importance and adequate action is taken against the erring driver. 

“DTC drivers have to undergo a psychometric test and every case of misconduct is thoroughly investigated,” confirms Mansoor R Al Falasi, Acting CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation. 

“DTC takes these complaints very seriously and strong disciplinary action is taken against the driver. 

“And, if required some drivers are even terminated from ever working in the UAE.” 

In an initiative to combat such behavioural issues, the DTC also organises religious lectures within the driver training programme. 

“Such initiatives have helped to improve their behaviour and performance. It has recorded a drop in such complaints,” he adds. 

Detailing the handling of each complaint, Falasi elaborates that once a passenger reports a violation by dialling 8009090, he will receive an SMS with the specific case number. 

The case will then be investigated and if the officers require more details they will be contacted. 

The customer will be constantly updated about the progress of the complaint. 

Some of the most common complaints are about abusive language, reckless driving and a lack of cleanliness. 

The DTC claims its recent initiative to start Islamic lessons has significantly reduced the number of complaints. 

“The religious lectures has helped improved the behaviour and performance of the drivers,” adds Falasi. 

“The Holy Quran has a significant impact on the soul and restrains and raises good morals and ethical conduct. This has a positive impact on the drivers.”


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