Dubai Creek fire refuses to die down after explosions from oil products on boat


Two more explosions were heard from the Creek at around 6pm and 6:30pm on Sunday from the blaze that had started on the boats on Saturday. One of the boats involved in the incident was said to have been loaded with cars and petroleum products.

The fire that started on Saturday has spread to the Bur Dubai side as one of the boats was said to have floated to the Al Seef Road side.

"The sky is black with the smoke," a resident of Dubai who was visiting Bur Dubai, told Emirates 24|7.

"The police have partially opened the road, but the one from Al Seef Road towards Bur Juman is still closed to traffic," she said.

Another witness, Mukhtar Khan, said: "Water is still being sprayed. Flames are still visible with two sporadic explosion sosme 30 minutes apart.

"There is oil on the boats which is why the fire is not extinguishing."

The charred remains are piled on the Al Seef side of the Creek. The one boat that is still ablaze is still afloat.

Smoke has covered the skies while an acrid smell pervades the atmosphere and has permeated the homes of nearby tenants, said an eyewitness.

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The firefighters of Civil Defence in Dubai brought the fire, which broke out on late Saturday evening at 8.20pm in dhows in Dubai Creek near Dubai Municipality under control.

One of the boats was loaded with 17 cars and petroleum products.

Major Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Director of Operations Department at the Directorate of Civil Defence in Dubai, who supervised the fire extinguishing operation, said squads were able to prevent the spread of fire to the neighbouring boats.

He added that an Asian sailor was injured in the incident and has been treated, adding that the operation to control the fire lasted for three hours. Al Mutawa said that the investigation was under way to establish the causes of incident.

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