Dubai Metro back to speed: RTA [video]

In a statement to Emirates 24|7, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed the Dubai Metro speed has been reduced temporarily since Monday.

The Director of Rail Operations at the RTA further said the speed will return to normal from today.

Mohammed Yousuf Al Mudharreb said in an emailed statement: "The RTA announces that it temporarily reduced the metro speed between the Business Bay and Noor Bank Stations on the Red Line since yesterday evening as a routine procedure in line with the excavation works of the Dubai Water Canal project.

"The normal speed will be resumed at 4pm today. We apologise for any inconvenience." 

Daily users of Dubai Metro say they’ve been experiencing slight delays over the past two days in their regular commute, with trains unusually reducing speed between the Noor Bank and Business Bay Metro Stations.

Eyewitnesses claim the speed drops by half as it crosses the Noor Bank Station, maintaining this new speed as it crosses the Dubai Canal Project works, before picking up pace once again as it crosses the Business Bay Station.

LM, who travels by Dubai Metro daily, spoke to Emirates 24|7 saying: “The change in speed has been going on for two days now. On Monday evening when I was heading home, that was when I first noticed a sudden change of pace as we crossed the Noor Bank station.

“I thought I was imagining it, but others on the metro as well noticed this sudden drop in speed. We crossed over the Dubai Canal construction towards Business Bay Metro and then suddenly picked up speed again.”

LM said she assumed it was technical issue at the time, but the incident occurred on Tuesday as well on the commute into work, heading southbound on Dubai Metro.

Twitter user A Khan also confirmed the same when asked if there was a change in the Dubai Metro commute, stating: “Yes. And yesterday as well. This is happening between Business Bay and First Gulf Bank."

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