Dubai Metro peak-hour frequency increased

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has increased the metro frequency during peak hours, it confirmed to this website.

While a Metro would arrive at a platform every 3.5 minutes one month ago, Metro commuters will not wait any longer than 3 minutes with the new Metro frequency during peak hours, which lasts from 6.30-9am, and 4.30-8 pm.
The move was implemented at the beginning of this month. Ramadan Abdullah, director of the Rail Operations Department, RTA said: "We increased the Metro frequency at peak hours, because this was needed. Trains at these hours are very crowded, and we continuously respond to commuter experience."
The 3-minute frequency is only applied in one direction on the Red Line: from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali during morning peak hours and from Jebel Ali to Rashidiya during evening peak hours.
"These are the trains that are most crowded. We want the public to see that we respond to such experience, so we have increased the frequency."
The increase comes as a welcome move for Metro commuters. Nadine Heyzel, who travels from Karama to First Gulf Bank between 07.00-08.00 in the morning earlier reported problematic volumes of commuters in the morning trains, where it was sometimes difficult to get in the Metro.
In comparison with last year, Metro frequency has been increased considerably. Around the same time last year, the metro would come every other 8 minutes during peak hours.
"Metro frequency changes all the time. We continuously study customers' experience.
"We last changed the metro frequency in September, and it will probably change during Ramadan as well," said Ramadan.
Outside peak hours the metro comes every 6-8 minutes, depending on the location.
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