Dubai Metro resumes after 2-hour delay

Disruption of services due to "technical snag" occured at peak-hour, around 6.30pm

Stranded passengers of Dubai Metro heaved a sigh of relief once the Metro resumed operations after about a two-hour disruption due to a "technical snag".

"Dubai Metro services between the Red Line metro stations Business Bay and Union have resumed after 2 hours of disruption," Muazza Saeed Al Marri, Director of Communications at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), confirmed in a statement to Emirates 24|7.

Passengers are now able to board the Metro again, after they were stranded at Business Bay and Union metro stations since the snag led t service disruption during the evening rush hour. "A total of 30 buses and 1,110 taxis were sent to the Metro stations to transport the passengers."

Stranded commuters reported hundreds of people gathered at the metro stations, where the gates were opened to speed up the check-out process. Hence, Nol cards were not used to check out. But this should not cause any problems, said Al Marri.

"Staff at the metro stations have been informed about the emergency situation that occurred and will assist anybody facing problems with the check-in. "

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Dubai Metro disrupted between Business Bay and Union stations

Dubai Metro services on the Red Line between Business Bay and Union stations have been suspended in both directions due to a technical problem

The disruption of services happened around 6.30pm and has not been resolved at this point.

"There is a technical problem which is currently being resolved,” said Muazza Saeed Al Marri, Director of Communications at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in a statement to Emirates 24/7, rejecting the assumption that an object had been found on the track.

"Metro services at all other stations are operational,” she added.

Meanwhile, shuttle buses are available to transport stranded passengers. "In addition to the existing shuttle buses we have deployed 22 more buses in the area,” said Al Marri.

Hundreds of passengers are reportedly stranded at Business Bay metro station.

Khurram Shahzad, a  commuter who was on his way from Nakheel metro station to Sharjah, said: “We were all told to get out of the metro at Business Bay station. Because of the huge crowd we were told not to check out with our Nol cards, the gates were opened instead.

"There was chaos outside the metro station, where hundreds of people were waiting for buses or taxis to continue their journey. I could not find a bus, but was lucky to find a person who was travelling to Sharjah by car. He is taking me to Sharjah now,” said the Pakistani while on the way.

It is not clear how long it will take for the Metro services to resume fully.

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