Dubai petrol station staff douse car on fire

Staff pushed the vehicle out of the station, but the fire gutted the vehicle. (Supplied)

Alert staff at an Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) in Dubai averted a major disaster by putting out a vehicle on fire at the petrol station.

The vehicle was queued up, waiting to fill gas.

Hussein Kazim, Senior Manager, Communications, Emarat, said that the vehicle reached the station and suddenly, smoke began billowing from it.

The staff used fire extinguishers to control the fire in the vehicle, and another team evacuated the station of vehicles and closed its entrance until they contained the fire.

Kazim added that the staff pushed the vehicle out of the station, but the fire began again and gutted the vehicle by the time Civil Defence teams arrived.

Kazim cited fake spare parts as a major cause of such fires.

He also stressed the importance for drivers to follow all guidelines while they are at petrol stations, foremost of which is not to smoke, turn off the vehicle's engine, and refrain from using the mobile phone.

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