Dubai Police adds 6 new Audi A6 cars to its fleet

Dubai Police has added six Audi A6 cars to its fleet.

Major-General Khamis Matar Al Mazeina, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said the decision of adding cars was taken after a comprehensive study. The unique specifications of the car will help the force enhance security work.

Also, the new partnership with Al Nabooda Automobiles will now ensure that the fleet is at all times excellently maintained to the highest standards helping Dubai Police reach accident sites in the shortest possible time and helping police serve the community round the clock, Maj.-Gen. Al Mazeina said.

He said Dubai Police is keen to diversify its patrol fleet. And Audi A6 was chosen for its diverse features. For instance, the chassis of Audi A6 is made of aluminium and steel, and the engine boasts capacity of 333hp (245 kW) and advanced suspension system. Besides, it is an eco-friendly vehicle, emitting 22 per cent less carbon dioxide.

Maj.-Gen. Al Mazeina was briefed about the new addition to the fleet in the presence of Major-General Mohamed Saad Al Sharif, Brigadier-General Pilot Lance Matrooshi; Colonel Jamal Al Bannai; and other officials.

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