Dubai Police cameras catch 10 bikers doing over 260kmph

Senior cop described the behavior as suicide. (File)

Dubai Police cameras caught at least 10 motorcycles doing more than 260kmph on the emirate’s roads and a senior cop described the behaviour as suicide.

Hassan bin Ghalitha, Technology Director at Dubai’s Traffic Police, said most of those involved in these offences were caught by new advanced cameras.

“Our cameras have recorded an increase in the speed of vehicles on the roads over the past period,” he told Dubai-based daily Al Bayan.

“At least 10 motorcycles were caught by our cameras travelling at a speed of moiré than 260kmph. This is suicidal behavior.”

He said police should intensify awareness and education campaigns for young Emiratis, adding that parents can also play a crucial role in controlling their sons.

“Parents should help the police. They should regularly see the traffic record of their sons so they can guide and educate them. This is extremely important.”


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