Dubai Police Command and Control Centre receives 15,263 phone calls during Eid Al Fitr

Major Ahmed Abdul Rahman Aqeel, Acting Director of the Command and Control Centre at the General Directorate of Operations of the Dubai Police, said that the centre received 15,263 phone calls during the Eid Al Fitr holidays, while 1,346 traffic accidents were registered during the same period.

He stressed the keenness of the Dubai Police's General Command to launch security and traffic awareness campaigns among community members by organising programmes and workshops, as well as campaigns that target all segments of the community to encourage them to adhere to the traffic safety rules and laws, especially motorists and road users.

He advised the public to call 999 in emergency cases only, and call 901 for inquiries about the services provided by Dubai Police such as criminal and traffic inquiries, questions related to issuing criminal status certificates, "to whom it may concern", burial permit certificates and how to subscribe to the housing security programme, as well as other inquiries related to cardiac disease services.

Major Aqeel reiterated that 999 is only for emergency cases while 901 is allocated for other inquiries.

Abu Dhabi Police receive 21,065 calls during Eid Al Fitr holiday

The Command and Control Centre at the Abu Dhabi Police's General Directorate for Central Operations received 21,065 calls during the Eid Al Fitr holiday on the toll-free number 999, of which 13,291 were from Abu Dhabi, 6,642 from Al Ain, and 1,132 from Al Dhafra.

Colonel Nasser Sulaiman Al Maskari, Director of Operations at the General Directorate for Central Operations, said that all the calls received by the centre have been dealt with. This is taking into consideration the response time for the arrival of competent police squads to the sites of contact to perform their tasks with accuracy and professionalism.

He added that the department provides services to the public in accordance with the highest standards and quality requirements, which is the policy of the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police.

The centre is equipped with the latest methods and advanced technologies and employs a qualified cadre of officers, non-commissioned officers, and personnel.

Sharjah Police Central Operations Room receives 12,716 phone calls during Eid Al Fitr

The Central Operations Room of Sharjah Police received 12,716 phone calls, including criminal and traffic related issues, under the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy that aims to make local roads safer.

The Traffic and Patrols Department also managed to control traffic and reduce the numbers of serious accidents and deaths in Sharjah, during Eid Al Fitr.

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Khayyal, Director-General of Central Operations at Sharjah Police, stated that the Central Operations Room received 10,099 phone calls during the Eid Al Fitr holidays through the "999" hotline for emergency cases, and 2,617 non-emergency phone calls on the "901" hotline, including general inquiries.

He noted that the Central Operations Room classifies reports according to their importance while taking the necessary procedures and transferring them to relevant authorities.

Al Khayyal added that the traffic during Eid Al Fitr was smooth on all local roads, due to the efforts of traffic patrols across the emirate, which reached 90 daily patrols during Eid, to avoid accidents and secure road users. He also noted that the number of serious accidents did not exceed three, while there were only minor and medium injuries.

He highlighted the role of all media outlets, including visual, audio, readable and smart media, in conveying their messages to the public, as well as the field awareness and traffic culture campaign that started to emerge among roads users, leading to the rise of positive indicators related to the traffic situation all over the emirate.