Dubai Police helps wife with 'runaway' hubby in the US

All these fake passports are made abroad and sold through middle-men to those interested in getting them. (AP)

An African man abandoned his wife and children in Dubai and flew to the United States where he married another woman in a bid to obtain a citizenship.

The woman reported his absence only after she was unable to pay rent and received a warning from the landlord to evict her. Dubai Police then got involved.

The police managed to contact the husband’s brother in Dubai and asked him to give them his brother’s contact number in the US.

“We contacted the husband in the US and asked him to come back to tackle this problem as his wife and children could be kicked out of their apartment,” said Mohammed Al Murr, Director of the Dubai Human Rights department.

“He promised to return on a specific date to take his family to his home country before going back to the US to seek a citizenship.”

According to Emarat Al Youm, the wife now insists on a divorce after learning of her husband’s marriage in the US.

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