Dubai Police intervene after mum beats son

Centre in the emirate reported that one child had bruises on his face. (Shutterstock)

Dubai Police’s Woman and Child Care department has rebuked a European woman for beating her little handicapped son and made her pledge not to do it again.

The department intervened after a centre for special needs people in the emirate reported that one child had bruises on his face and that it suspected he might have been subject to family violence, according to the Arabic language daily 'Al Bayan'.

The department then summoned his mother, who admitted she had smacked her son on the grounds she was suffering from a bad psychological state after she split from her husband.

She told the department that she was struggling to support three children.

“We told her that she has to adapt to the new situation and that she should stop hitting her son. We also asked her to see a specialist to get help,” the paper said, quoting Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr, director, Human Rights Department.

“Our social expert later talked to the woman, who expressed regret for hitting her son and promised not to do this again.”


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