Dubai’s 2-digit number plate sold for Dh2.2 million

The 76th Open Number Plates Auction held by the Licensing Agency of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) was warmly received by various community segments as it encompassed several distinguished licensing numbers including 2, 3, 4 and 5-digit plates of various codes, helping the aggregate proceeds of the Auction to go as high as Dh27.09 million.

"The Auction witnessed huge public turnout as 274 persons of various ages and nationalities took part; which is attributed to the wide-range of distinguished plates on offer totaling 125 numbers of different codes. It reflects the keenness of the public to take part in these auctions held frequently throughout the year," said the Director of RTA Vehicles Licensing Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat.

"The highest earning number was (J 14) which fetched Dh2.12 million, followed by (K 24) which brought back Dh1.4 million. The 3-digit plates saw a fierce competition among enthusiastic bidders whose keen attention to acquire them created a thrilling atmosphere. The 3-digit plate (G 777) was thus sold for Dh870,000, and (G 7777) was exchanged for Dh505,000, meanwhile the 5-digit plate (K 55555) was auctioned off for Dh800,000," continued Nimaat.

"The preceding auction saw a positive bidding among participants whose enthusiasm transformed the Auction Hall into an action-packed venue. The Licensing Agency is keen on holding open or online auctions to satisfy the needs '&' aspirations of the public in acquiring distinguished plates through the means that suit them. The forthcoming 77th Open Auction will be held next September," added the Director of RTA Vehicles Licensing in a final remark.

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